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When Zalfie share a microphone vs when Phan share a microphone…
Zoe is really sharing but Dan is really just holding the mic for Phil

this makes me laugh because im pretty sure phil has a microphone in his right hand but dan is like NO BB HERE TALK IN MINE


ive never met avatar korra but i trust her

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no one hates being called a directioner more than a one direction fan

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there’s no preorder option for the lok game on steam and the game comes out in two days, does anyone know how much it costs?

It costs $14.99-$15.00 to purchase depending on what type of console you have. :)

GameStop has the game for pre-order (for all of the consoles but the PC) if you’re interested! (x

Ahh I’m so stoked for this. I’m getting it for PS4!